Originated on the streets and played by millions worldwide, Cee-lo, one of the most entertaining and quickest of the dice games is now available on the blockchain. The simple game that needs only three dice, a hard surface and gravity, is now even more accessible! You only require some Billionaire Tokens in your EOS account and a little bit of luck.

No worries, there are no rigged dice on the blockchain. Nosy policemen will never crash the party and no ghetto-gangster conversation is required.

Just roll the dice and test your luck, Billionaire!

Cee-lo rules

The rules of the game are very simple, and it’s a winner takes it all type of game, there is no second place:

  • Rolling a 4-5-6 sequence will mean an instant WIN
  • Rolling a 1-2-3 sequence will mean an instant LOSS
  • Trips - Any three of a kind 3-3-3 or 5-5-5 the higher one WINS
  • Points - Single die point 2-2-6 or 5-5-1 the doubles do not count so the higher die WINS

All the other dice combinations do not matter.

Tips & tricks

As Cee-lo is a dice game that does not mathematically make use of the points on the dices, you cannot, for example, use Gaussian functions to determine the odds. Hence, there is no actual strategy a player can stick to. However it is still helpful to know what to expect, so here are the probabilities to get the winning combinations from the all 216 possible combinations:

  • 4-5-6: 6/216 = 2.777777778% (Automatic Win)
  • Trips: 6/216 = 2.777777778%
  • Point: 90/216 = 41.66666667%
  • 1-2-3: 6/216 = 2.777777778% (Automatic Loss)
  • Meaningless permutations: 108/216 = 50%

So, fingers crossed Billionaires and roll them up!

Alea iacta est! (en. The die is cast!) (Julius Caesar, A Roman Billionaire Emperor)