Billionaire Hold'em

A decentralized poker platform
built on the blockchain


The most popular card game in the world that brings together Billionaires, Hollywood stars, gamblers and businessmen to the same virtual table with one single thing in mind: to win the Big Pot.


As nowadays Online Poker is highly available worldwide, there are countless centralized platforms that invite players to join the tables and test their skills. However, all of these platforms lack one key aspect that is of high importance for both professional and casual players: Trust

Blockchain technology is based on trust and will revolutionize the world of poker as it can offer advantages far superior to any centralized platform:

  • No cash deposits – hence no bank fees, players use Billionaire tokens from their wallets
  • Anonymity and stealth – no bank receipts, no written proof regarding the amount of money played by an individual
  • Hands-on winning - the tokens that you win are instantly withdrawn into the player’s wallet no matter whether it is one Billionaire Token or 3,315,367.
  • Transparency – because the game is built on the blockchain, it is auditable and provably fair

The list can continue, and things are moving fast, so ready your tokens and your best poker faces!

Tips & tricks

The most important advice to follow in a game like Poker is to detach yourself from the reality of the fact that you are playing with money and instead, try to see the in-game currency (the Billionaire Tokens in our case) as just as a figure on a scoreboard. This way, players can enter within a more rational mindset and can gain more control over their emotions.

  • Many people think Poker is just a gamble, but the fact that we see the same people playing in the grand finale of the World Tournaments proves them wrong.
  • Poker has more in common with a game like Chess than say, with a game like Blackjack, as it is more about psychological domination and mathematics.
  • Another important tip is to keep in mind that some hands are just not worth playing. The aim is not to win every hand, but to win the game.
  • Professional poker players always pay attention to all the cards on the table, as any new card flipped can be a game changer.
  • Poker should be enjoyed responsibly, so unless you already are a Billionaire, keep an eye on your XBL token balance.
  • Bonus tip: going all in in the first two minutes of the game may not be a good idea, even if you want a fast win.
  • Poker is a sport for sharp minds and thick wallets, so get ready Billionaires, the Big Pot is waiting for you!